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Flotilia International Yachting has been working on the Russian yacht market for more than 4 years and unites the group of the best specialists and experts in the field of sales of sailing and motor yachts as well as yacht charter.

In 2007 Flotilia Yachting created the web-site Yahta.Ru which daily publishes news and reviews of new models of yachts and boats, contains database with offers on sale of yachts and the catalog of models of the most well-known shipyards.

Web-site Yahta.Ru for less than a year has taken leading positions in the Russian Internet, that has helped Flotilia Yachting company  to study Russian market in details and to receive information from the maximum quantity of sources.

For years of our work we have saved up huge volume of information about the yacht market, including the detailed information on sales volumes of yachts and boats, yacht-clubs of the European part of Russia and the structure of client base. In 2010  Flotilia Yachting has presented its first analytical products: analyses of the of yachts and boats market and researches of Russian yacht-clubs.

The summary of our research:

The market of yachts and boats in Russia

  • Characteristics of the fleet in Russia
  • Leading manufacturers of yachts and boats
  • Leading dealers and distributors of yachts
  • Import of yachts of the world manufacturers
  • Quantity and types of yachts sold in Russia
  • Quantity of the sold yachts on certain brands of manufacturers
  • Dynamics of sales from 2001 till 2010
  • Portrait of the Russian buyer of yachts and boats
  • Dynamics of supply and demand, the forecast

Yacht-clubs of Central Russia and the Black Sea coast

  • Characteristic of regions
  • Reviews of leading yacht-clubs
  • Characteristics of yacht-clubs
  • Analyses of yacht-clubs services
  • Photos of yacht-clubs
  • New and planned projects
  • Analyses of the offer and the prices for services of yacht-clubs
  • Dynamics of supply and demand of marine clubs services


We are ready to offer the given research products to our colleagues and partners.
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